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For over 50 years Radio Lumière has been known for its news. Regular news casts through out the SatelitteDishday keep the listener abreast of the most recent events in the life of the country of Haiti as well as on the international scene.

Because Radio Lumière is a network and reaches most of Haiti, a great deal of emphasis is also placed on local news. This is done in two ways. News reporters located in most major towns report regularly by telephone. These reports are then incorporated into the network news casts. There are also local studios in each area of the country that program a portion of the day and these studios offer more in depth news coverage and reports of what is happening on the local scene.

Radio Lumière also covers certain special areas of interest such as the religious scene and the happenings in the churches, in the Christian youth culture, and the Christian music scene.

Of course here on the web you can also always find important news about what is happening at Radio Lumière! What is new and what is taking place at the hub.


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